Herbal Deodorant

Ebb + Flow Herbal Deodorant

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natural deodorants are tricky, I've tried the gauntlet, and I've worked on this formula for years. 

I took what worked for me, all elements of natural odor reduction, and combined the most effective. 

this is a whipped deodorant cream, made with organic butters, oils, & essential oils, delicately whipped to perfection, warm a modest amount in your fingers, and apply directly to the pits ~~ I prefer the cream method to a stick, because part of natural odor reduction is mental (my crazy theory) and forming a good relationship with tha pits, will do your body goooood. 

*if you don't currently use fully natural deodorant, don't expect results straight away, your body needs time to adjust & detox from the chemicals, clogged pores, & aluminum...I suggest going every other day, 3 times a week, and so on, giving your body time to get used to its new ally*


ingredients: shea butter*, coconut oil*, aloe*, rose hydrosol*, witch hazel, arrowroot powder*, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils of patchouli*,  cedarwood*, sage*, geranium, lavender*  *=organic